Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Susen Sanitary Pad

Susen Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd been proud of introducing a valuable slice product to ladies, “protease pad”; this pad has been miracle helping to improve ladies’ lifestyle today. 

Besides, we have also built a trustworthiness being good product feedback from distributor and consumer.

Based on a research methodology, menstruation’s protein is the main supply for bacteria; it will grow from 10 to 30 million and above within 4 minutes after bacteria infected on the pad. 

This result can be proved when you are aware from the bad smell from the used pad, which caused by the bacteria. However, ladies’ period is unavoidable and circular in every month, to cause the smell, and the symptoms of itchy, skin infection, and redness on the skin; and whether you are also suffering on the problems! 

In order to protect the healthy lifestyle for all ladies, Susen here to provide you solution, and launch on the ‘protease’, it’s help to isolate the protein from menstruation, to control the grow of bacteria, provides total solution on uncomfortable period problems; with slim slice design, Japan imported cotton layer, and up to ten precious herbs; to accompany your monthly period in comfort and safe. 

The making process of Susen pad focus on ladies’ physiological period conditions and personal hygiene, and promote on the ladies enjoying on their happiness, healty, beauty lifestyle!

In 21st century, that is no way to attract a loyalty customer, other than a high quality product, and dignity respect of a customer. The interaction between human, trustful is very important, the products launched by Susen Markerting (M) Sdn Bhd are committed trustworthy and guarantee for satisfaction, which is full examination report, clinical report and detail write up for every single product, and prove to be safety use.