Monday, April 8, 2013

Lacto - lite is my new diet

I started to take the Lacto-lite since my wife bought it from Hai-O. The first 2 to 3 days were nightmare. It was like I am taking Nona Rogay. I can not go anywhere except to the toilet. I noticed one big change, i.e. I spend lesser time in the toilet. Everything just came out smoothly LOL.

I decided to continue taking Lacto-lite, 2 packs a day before going to sleep. I am being taking lacto-lite for the past 1 month. I noticed another big change. This time is my tummy. It is getting smaller. I was so happy. Even, my friends also noticed it.

After a while, I decided to stop taking lacto-lite especially if I have something in the morning. It took me only 2 days before I wanted to take lacto-lite again. I missed my smooth morning business. Yes, I actually missed lacto-lite.

Now, I am taking lacto-lite almost every day, only 1 pack a day. So, I can save some.

I recommend you guys to try especially anyone who has bigger tummy.

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